Family Health Package


  • 60 minutes initial session with family/parents to determine difficulties and make goals.
  • Pantry makeover with Candace at your home
  • Grocery store tour
  • Healthy recipes and meal planning resources
  • 4 weekly phone check-ins to keep family on the right track

Comprehensive Health Package


  • 60 minute initial session
  • Two 30 minute follow ups in person or on the phone
  • 7 day custom meal plan with healthy recipes to suit your likes and dislikes, and grocery list
  • Supplement analysis
  • 4 x phone check-ins and text message support

This package is designed to provide you with the practical tools to reach your goals.

What can I expect?

3 months of support including:
1 x 60-90 min Assessment
(This will include a questionnaire to be completed by you before your session. This will help Candace determine your supplementation, diet + lifestyle suggestions as well as an in-depth body system analysis in order to narrow in on the body system that is out of balance.)
3 Follow Up sessions
7-Day Custom Meal Plan with Grocery List
Weekly Accountability Check-Ins via email or phone Text message support



In this 1-hour session you will discuss your main health concerns and goals and come up with an action plan. If you are wondering what kind of diet you should be following based on your age, weight, goals, habits, time or budget Candace will give you clarity and provide you with dietary, lifestyle and supplementation recommendations.

What can I expect?

1 x 60-90 minute Assessment
Summarized Nutritional Recommendations

Add-On Services


“Candace is a very helpful nutritional coach. Over the last year she has made multiple suggestions on substitutions of healthier choices. She encouraged me to do more home cooking by demonstrating how easy it is to eat whole food versus packaged foods which were highly processed. By simply copying her meal plans I was able to get into a habit of cooking on a daily basis using fresh vegetables and meats. She provided healthy substitutes for food, for example using greek yogurt instead of sour cream.This allowed me to still enjoy my favorite foods and increase my protein intake at the same time. She was able to provide solutions to still meet my lifestyle choices as I didn’t enjoy cooking. She helped me to stay on track to meet my goal of eating healthier. She was very motivating and this helped me to not give up and with eating healthier I have no energy and less joint pain.”

Lydia Macwhirter

Facebook- Lydia Macwhirter | Instagram - mrs.lydsmac

"When I first started working with Candace, I wasn't looking to make any huge life changes but I knew I needed to cut back on sugar and I was looking to feel more energized to keep up with the guys on my ball hockey team. My experience with working with Candace has been exceptional. I can't thank Candace enough for all of her help. She also did my brows and they look amazing!"

Brenda Howatt

Facebook- Brenda Howatt | Instagram- sweetmotherofallthingshowatt

“I am so happy with my brows by Candace. I got the powdered ombre and it looks so natural, everyone compliments me! Would absolutely recommend."

Mia Haddad

Facebook- Mia Haddad | Instagram- mia_h14

“I also have a background in nutrition and Candace and I often pick each others brains on new studies that comes out. I’ve found her to be a great resource on nutrition as she is always up to date on research and is able to translate her knowledge so that it’s easy to understand. Her greatest talent is meeting her clients where they are and building a foundation of education to work from.”

Leah Wells

Facebook-Leah Wells | Instagram- Leahj7_

“My favorite thing about her program is how easy she is to reach out to, all it takes is one text and you'll find out exactly what you need. She is very good at deciding what you need based on your time/budget/goals and also works with your food cravings and mental blocks. I texted her a picture of the menu at the restaurant I was at and she told me what to order. That alone is worth purchasing the 3 month package!

Jolene Thorne

Facebook-Jolene Citrine | Instagram-josappy