Health is not simply the absence of sickness.- Hannah Green

Hi, I’m Candace Rose, a certified nutrition consultant, and beauty enthusiast. I created Candace Rose Beauty as a platform to help educate others and share my passion for leading a healthier lifestyle.

My Approach to Nutrition

I do not believe in classifying foods as “good” or “bad.” In addition, I do not recommend quick fixes and fad diets. They send the wrong message and cause people to have unhealthy relationships with food. Life is short, and food is meant to be enjoyed!
Along with offering nutritional advice, I help my clients create healthy lifestyle habits that are sustainable and can benefit every aspect of their lives. The recommendations I give are based on scientific research including evidence-based studies. I also draw from my personal experience.
My services are very personalized. I work with clients individually to find the best health program that suits and matches each one’s lifestyle. It is my philosophy that no two people are alike, so no two nutrition approaches should be the same.


Occasionally, I use affiliate links in my posts. I only link to products that I personally use or recommend to my loved ones.